Essential Knot Tying Techniques You Need To Know

Knot tying is one of the most useful outdoor skills than everyone needs to know. A good knot can save lives, perform first aid, or just tying anything securely. There are literally hundreds of knot tying techniques but you only need a few to survive. These knot tying techniques have distinct methods to where it […]

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How to Start a Fire Using a Bow and Drill Kit

A bow and drill kit is one of the easiest methods to start a fire without using a match. It is so easy to build, that even in the wilderness, you can create one and it requires less force to start a kindle. If you have already created a bow and drill kit but haven’t […]

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Top 5 Tips on How to Survive During a Zombie Apocalypse

Whether you think that the Zombie apocalypse is real or not, being prepared for the worst will increase your chances of surviving in this life threatening situation. In this modern times where medicines can make wonders, and technology hastens and modifies anything, having a zombie is one short science mistake away from happening.
Are zombies real?
Zombies […]

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How to Find Water in the Wilderness

Food and water are essential to life. If you are stuck in the wilderness trying to survive, finding these both will be difficult. Many who tried to survive died because they don’t know where to find a good water source specifically if the area looks dry.  Don’t fall into the same fate as theirs by […]

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Camping Essentials – What You Need for Camping

Camping with your family or friends can be a fun thing to do during weekends. It helps keep in touch with nature, and you’ll also benefit from learning how to survive when resources are scarce. The worst part in camping is forgetting the necessary things and remembering them when you are miles away from home. […]

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Top 5 Urban Survival Myths about Water

Water is the an essential part in survival. We need water to stay hydrated for our biological processes to function properly. The human body needs about 75% of water in a constant supply to function. An average person can survive for 2 weeks with water but without water he will only last for three days. […]

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Five Ways to Start A Fire Without a Match

During a survival situation where resources will be scarce, there will come a time where lighters run out of fuels and you’ll run out of matchsticks. Knowing how to create a fire can make the difference between surviving and dying. Here are some other ways to start a fire without a match or a lighter:
Bow […]

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How to Make a Fire with Bow and Drill

It’s going to be dark soon but you still haven’t found your way home. The good news is that you know how to set up a camp, the bad news is that you don’t know how to create a campfire because you lost your fire making tool somewhere. What are you going to do? The […]

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How to Make a Compass in the Wild

A compass is an ancient navigational tool that indicated the directions of the north, east, south, and west. It has a magnetized needle that aligns itself to the magnetic north. If you are lost somewhere, your GPS run out of battery, and you don’t have a compass, here are some ways to make your own […]

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How to Build a Dakota Fire Hole

The Dakota fire hole is simply a method of fire building that is popular for burning fuel more efficiently. Also known as the Dakota fire pit, this fire building technique that produces hotter fire using less wood. However, it is a labor intensive technique and should only be used when necessary.

Uses less firewood than any […]

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