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Are You Prepared?

It’s going to happen; there will be another disaster. The questions is are you prepared?

It’s a fact that there will be more natural disasters: Earthquakes, floods, fires all take place.

Tips to Prepare for a disaster

  • Stay calm! It is important not to panic. Remember that you have been preparing for this and take a deep breath. Assess the situation around you to determine what to do next, whether to stay in place or evacuate.
  • Tune into a radio news source to listen for details on the situation.
  • Fully cooperate with the public safety officials.
  • Only use your cell phone in life or death situations. You don’t know if you will be able to charge it again, so you’ll want to save the battery for a more dire time. If your battery is going dead, consider changing your voicemail message so that friends and family trying to reach you will know your location.
  • Inspect your home for leaks, exposed wiring, or damage to structural components to determine whether staying in place is a viable option.
  • Access your survival kits immediately so they are available if you determine you need to evacuate in a hurry.
  • Call 911 to request help, if needed. Remember that they will probably be inundated with calls so be prepared to wait and stay calm when speaking to the operator.